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Hotel Die Port van Cleve consists of three special monumental buildings that are connected to each other and therefore all 122 hotel rooms vary in size and layout. Our hotel rooms consist of four different room types: cosy-, comfort-, superior rooms and suite.


All rooms have been designed to provide you with modern comfort in a classing setting with a Dutch historical accent and reference to the Delft Blue tile fresco in our Bar-Bodega 'De Blauwe Parade'. The rooms are similarly decorated, but still remain unique in their own way.

Achtergrond strook
Restaurant Hulscher's 

Two brothers with very conflicting personalities and in spite of that on a similar mission: To conquer the whole world with their passion and love for good food! These contrasts can be find everywhere in this historical dining house. But even more important, the mission of the brothers is still going strong.


Restaurant Hulscher’s is all about irresistible grill and seafood dishes, with exclusively fresh and homemade ingredients.

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The Brewery Club

The Brewery Club is the meeting place in Die Port van Cleve, completely in contemporary style with a nod to the rich history of our property. The ideal space to relax by the fireplace or dine privately with a select group. Our personal and flexible approach, the warm atmosphere and the rich historical appearance guarantee a unique experience for every guest. 

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"de Blauwe Parade"

Bar Bodega - de "Blauwe Parade"

is a traditional Amsterdam bar full of tastefull beers, jenever and history. 

We are an genuine must seen in Amsterdam, due the largest Delft Blue

tile tableau!

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Our story

In 150 years a lot of remarkable things happened in Die Port van Cleve. We proudly present all the stories out of our rich history. This anniversary year we will present several themes to introduce you to all that has happened. Be welcome and celebrate the anniversary of Die Port van Cleve with us.


Continue to write history

Like we have in the past and what is still our aim these days, is providing you with historic hospitality. From the moment you have made your booking until the moment that you leave the hotel again. We have a lot of partners who are striving for this goal with us, but as times are changing new competitors are rising to the horizon. Unfortunately not all "partners" are up to our standards or have the right connections with us.

Some third party bookers do not use the right channels to book your reservation which leaves you without a reservation and an empty wallet.


We urge you to get in contact with us if you have the feeling that the third party you have booked with is questionable. We will continue providing you with the hospitality that you deserve and hope you will keep an eye out for us for the third party "bullies".

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 Guest experiences

"Highly recommend. Friendly staff. Warm and clean. Nice bar and restaurant. Dinner was good. Breakfast is served a la carte, with products from immediate vicinity. Book and pay for your tours at reception to get a discount 😊"

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