Our story

In 150 years a lot of remarkable things happened in Die Port van Cleve. We proudly present all the stories out of our rich history. This anniversary year we will present several themes to introduce you to all that has happened. Be welcome and celebrate the anniversary of Die Port van Cleve with us.


Despite the fact that Hotel Die Port van Cleve has been around for 150 years, we like to translate traditional rules of hospitality to the modern day.

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Herwin Otten


Hotel Manager


Michael Wickruber




Lummy van der Wende


Head of Housekeeping

Meindert Lugthart



Guest experiences

"Highly recommend. Friendly staff. Warm and clean. Nice bar and restaurant. Dinner was good. Free croissant and coffee every morning was a nice touch. Book and pay for your tours at reception to get a discount 😊"

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