Brasserie 'De Poort' has a rich history that dates back to 1864 when the Heineken family opened their first brewery on this spot.

Brasserie 'De Poort' was the first restaurant in the city with electric lighting. It was also very popular among everyone, from upper class to artist, who came to enjoy the house speciality: the numbered steaks. With not all staff being literate it was easier to shout numbers for the orders, hence started the numbering of the steaks. Today we are close to serving over 6 million steaks!

Each steak is served with its own certificate of authenticity and individual number. If you are lucky to have a number ending with '00', you receive a complimentary bottle of house wine to accompany your dinner.

The famous numbered steak is served with a sauce of your choice, fries, vegetables and a side salad.

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