Our coffee corner 'Koffie & Koekies' serves typical Dutch cookies and different coffees. You can enjoy a cup of coffee in the coffee corner itself or try a coffee-to-go and explore the city.

The coffee corner is situated in the 'Hooiberg' bar, a bar with a rich history.
The Heineken family opened on this location their first brewery, the Hooiberg brewery with its Hooiberg beer, later known as Heineken.

The Hulscher brothers opened next to the brewery a beer house, later an eating house and a hotel: Die Port van Cleve. In this beer house only the Hooiberg beer was served and due to the quality and the good name of the beer house, the beer became famous. Eventually the brewery was relocated, but the 'Hooiberg' bar is still situated in Hotel Die Port van Cleve. Enjoy now a delicious cup of coffee in 'Koffie & Koekies'.