Worth a sight: our large unique Delft blue tile fresco all around the bar

Bar-Bodega 'De Blauwe Parade', was opened on 3 July 1880 as the Old Dutch Inn. The bar was then owned by the Hulscher brothers, also the owners of the beer and eating house 'De Poort' next door, later Brasserie 'De Poort'. 'De Blauwe Parade' was specialized in Southern-European wines which were stored in the wine cellar.
The fresco was produced in 1887, by Joost 't Hooft & Labouchere and A. Le Comte, from the 'Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles' in Delft.

The freeze shows a parade of children, simulating the historical triumphs from the Golden Century in honour of the emperor Maximilian. The emperor is recognized by its crown and the three crosses on his chest. These days the crosses are still visible in the Amsterdam city sign.

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